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I'm At Home 

Director of Photography

 13 Minute  Experimental  Super16/Hi-8

The host of a children's television show aimed for creativity starts experiencing burnout after needing to force that creativity every day.

* Onion City Experimental Film + Video Festival (Grand Jury Prize)

* Bushwick Film Festival

* Ivy Film Festival (Best Experimental & Storyteller Grant Reciepent)

* Chicago Underground Film Festival 

* Capital City Film Festival

* Brooklyn Film Festival (Audience Choice Best Experimental)

* Drunken Film Festival Oakland 

* Drunken Film Festival Bradford

* We Make Movies Festival (Best Experimental & Best Actor Nominee)

* Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival (Best Escapism Film & Best Actor Nominee)

* Athen's International Film + Video Festival

* NoBudge

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I'm At Home Still 9.png

partially funded by: The James B. Pendleton Research & Production Grant 

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